Course Objectives: Learn three proven ways to activate group participation. Hands-on practice helps you discover practical uses in your life and work. Participants work individually and in small groups to see the ToP Methods in action, and then have the opportunity to practice facilitating in class.

Course Objectives: Shake up the creative mind, frame and reframe problems and dilemmas, develop innovative strategies

Course Objectives: Use color and simple images to bring clarity and energy to your facilitation. Explore ways to add imagery and graphics to your facilitation, training, consulting, or coaching toolkit. Tap into the power of visual thinking and learning skills (how nearly 90% of adults learn best). Learn to combine words and visuals to communicate more deeply and dramatically.


Course Objectives: 

  • Lead large groups with complex facilitation challenges
  • Get new practical tools for initiating and sustaining organizational or community change
  • Learn to focus challenging groups to be creative, productive and achieve effective action
  • Gain skills for designing facilitations and complex change processes
  • Experience the many ways to creatively use ToP methods with groups
  • Learn through practice and support from a community of colleagues committed, like you, to advancing their facilitation skills
  • Research facilitation design problems specific to your own interests

Course Objectives: 

  • Design transformative facilitations and trainings which result in significant change
  • Reflect on your own journey as a facilitator and what factors have affected it
  • Acquire tools for facilitation and training session design that support image shift
  • Walk away with useful assessments and designs for your own facilitation and training sessions
  • Receive powerful tools to better assess what is holding a person, organization or community in place and what is needed to move them toward the desired goal
  • Leave with stories, examples and templates for your own sessions

Course Objectives: 

  • Increase productivity, saving time and money
  • Document organizational history
  • Anticipate future business trends
  • Quickly and easily study industry materials and reports
  • Establish foundation of knowledge to use in preparing a plan

Course Objectives: 

  • Understand and anticipate the ups and down of implementing strategies
  • Initiate dynamic plans and bring them to concrete conclusions
  • Sustain momentum to bring the plans to implementation
  • Review and reposition projects that are in process
  • Bring closure to plans and celebrate the team’s work

Course Objectives: 

  • Align organization members around common goals and strategies
  • Identify well-focused actions that lead to big breakthroughs
  • Enable a group to come to a common vision and own the resulting plan
  • Weave together the basic tools to address complex meeting requirements

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Testimonials from our participants

It [ToP Facilitation Methods] was more than I imagined it would be. It’s something I can use in my personal life as well as in the workplace.
- Kristie S.
This course [ToP Facilitation Methods] was incredibly helpful at demonstrating how effective, planned facilitation can create action, focused conversations and build consensus. I can’t wait to practice these skills!
- Eve L.
MNToP welcomes the learner to a continuous cycle of theory, practice, and reflection that broadens and deepens capacity and commitment.
- Claire C.