The Power of Image Shift

Course Objectives: 

  • Design transformative facilitations and trainings which result in significant change
  • Reflect on your own journey as a facilitator and what factors have affected it
  • Acquire tools for facilitation and training session design that support image shift
  • Walk away with useful assessments and designs for your own facilitation and training sessions
  • Receive powerful tools to better assess what is holding a person, organization or community in place and what is needed to move them toward the desired goal
  • Leave with stories, examples and templates for your own sessions


Pre-requisite: ToP Facilitation Methods

Course Description: Individuals, groups, and organizations sometimes need to rethink and adjust to the current reality. The Designing For Change course helps you to thoroughly understand the complexity and depth required in transformational change. This course provides tools to design facilitation or training sessions that result in effective change





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The session covers:

  • Image Shift theory and how it relates to the understanding of how our brain works
  • The role messages play in shaping images
  • The journey we go through in change and transformation
  • How to shape messages to reach different learning styles
  • Creating a facilitation/training design using Kaleidoscope Design and Session Planning tools


Course Participants

  • Facilitators and trainers
  • Educators, community organizers and those involved in change management
  • Consultants, coaches, managers and leaders


Benefits to your organization

  • Understand how mental models shape our behavior, how messages shape these images and how to shift these images to move us beyond habitual patterns and practices
  • Practice creating messages that have impact and power for all learning styles
  • Apply Image Shift Theory to assessment and session design
  • Learn how to use the ICA Kaleidoscope Design and Session Planning tools



  • $645 ($605 Early Bird fee)




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It [ToP Facilitation Methods] was more than I imagined it would be. It’s something I can use in my personal life as well as in the workplace.
- Kristie S.
This course [ToP Facilitation Methods] was incredibly helpful at demonstrating how effective, planned facilitation can create action, focused conversations and build consensus. I can’t wait to practice these skills!
- Eve L.
MNToP welcomes the learner to a continuous cycle of theory, practice, and reflection that broadens and deepens capacity and commitment.
- Claire C.